Save up to $7,000 Off the 2017 Altima until July 5th on select units at MBN!


Hey everyone, we can save you up to $7,000 off (maybe more) on a variety of 2017 Nissan Altima in-stock, from June 12 to July 5th only.  Or choose a 0% option up to 72 months, see dealer for details.

Our goal is to be the #1 Altima dealer in the State for Nissan and that means only one thing: we’re going to make you a spectacular deal we could not make last month, and we’re sure we cannot do it in July – so make June your month to stop in! We’re so convinced you will love the deal, just bring in any local competitors offer and we’ll show you why we have outsold all our local competitors the past 25 years.

The 2017 Nissan Altima is the roomiest, smoothest, fastest, the most fun car in its class and the Altima has been built in America since 1980! So here’s your chance to drive your dream car, a real American car, and to make no excuses why you didn’t stop over to get the deal of the summer or at least have a look at it!

Join millions of American’s who drive the Altima every day, and stop on over today for a no-obligation test drive and vehicle exploration. If you are no happy with the car you have now, or want better fuel economy and want to enjoy texting on the road with SIRI – you can, legally! So now is the time to trade it in now, while it’s worth the most! So what are you going to do with the money you save at Mike Barney Nissan? We think vacation works!

Click here to see our inventory, chat with us online, check availability, book a test drive online and much more. An incredible variety of Altima’s is available today!


Need some assistance? Take a few seconds, complete this form, we’ll call you back.



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